Have you ever looked at super-successful people and said to yourself, “i wonder what their secret is?” Or, “i wish I could be that successful.” Well, you can! Success has a beginning and a foundation. And right now i’m going to share what that foundation is with you. This is the beginning of your success right now.

The humble beginnings of the giant personal computer and software company hewlett-packard, or hp, clearly demonstrates this fact. Bill hewlett and dave packard both graduated in electrical engineering from stanford university in 1935 and initially went their own way. In 1939 they made the vital decision to form their own electronics manufacturing company, hewlett-packard, in a garage in palo alto, california, during the great depression with only $538 in the bank – clearly not success-orientated circumstances. They both could have stayed employed in well-paying regular jobs, but they made a vital decision to realize the dream they had since college to start their own company. Their humble beginnings in a garage in palo alto also gave birth to the world-famous silicon valley.

Today, everyone is familiar with the outcome of this company. In 2006 hp posted $91.7 billion in annual revenue making it the world’s largest technology vendor in terms of sales. In 2007 the revenue was $104 billion, making hp the first information technology (it) company in history to report revenues exceeding $100 billion. Hp is now the largest worldwide seller of personal computers, surpassing rival dell, according to market research reported in january 2008; hp is also the 5th largest software company in the world.

Look at their beginning – during the great depression era; in a small garage in the backyard of a house; and only $538 in capital (not a lot even in those years). So, when did they become successful? When they posted the billions in revenue years later? No! They were a success the day they decided to start their own company! That’s the day it all started.

Their success started with their decision, not their results.

Success does not start when the stars, moon and planets allign perfectly for you, when your circumstances and everything else in your life is perfect…It starts when you decide it starts!
The secret of success lies in understanding the following truths: you can be as successful as you decide to be…Success is not just for a chosen few…You do not need to be born into success…Your family of origin doesn’t need to have been successful…And you don’t need a history of success!
The ultimate truth about success – and indeed, the first step towards success – is to understand the fact that you can begin to be successful today! In fact, the second you decided to start reading this article can be the very first step of your success. This is because…

…Success is not the end result of a long journey of hardship and failure – it is not the sum of all your hard work and endurance!

Success starts the day you make certain decisions about yourself and your life. Specifically about: who you are, what you are, and where you are going with your life.

That is because success is not an act…It is not something you do…Success is a state of mind!
One of the greatest fallacies about success and succeeding in life is that people believe they will only be successful the day they reach a certain goal or accomplish a certain feat. There is nothing wrong with reaching a certain goal one day, but it traps you in a kind of “one day” thinking – one day i’m going to be someone; one day i’m going to be famous and then i’m going to be successful.

But, success does not only start when you have reached a certain goal or accumulated certain things!
It doesn’t start in the future…It starts with the mindset that’s between your ears right now!
Your success mindset begins with your attitude, your decision about yourself, and how you view yourself right at this moment. Your decision about who you are and where you are going with your life is the cornerstone, the foundation, and the beginning of your success.

Maybe your life is not perfect right now, but does that mean you can’t become successful? The great news is that your success does not start when your circumstances are perfect, not at all! Success begins the moment you make a new decision about your life. And sometimes you have to make that decision in the face of adversity, when everything was seemingly going wrong.

This is the very first step towards your success: in spite of where you were born, which continent you live on, or what your personal circumstances are, who you are today is determined by only one thing: by who you believe you are!

You are who you are today not as a result of your circumstances, but because of your mindset, because of decisions you made at some point in your past about who you are and what your life is going to be about.

That is the force that controls your life today – the decisions you made about your life and your circumstances !

The decisions you made in the past about your life formed the dominant ideas that have shaped and controlled your life thus far, regardless of your circumstances. I recently read in a newspaper about a man in my hometown that, with one decision, changed his life, unleashed his potential, became super-successful, and made his dream a reality.

Soon after graduating from university with a degree in accounting, a young man found a great job as an entry-level accountant. He married and was ready to start his life as a “good employee.” Soon after he began to work his boss called him in and told him that he could no longer afford him. He was shocked and dismayed, yet, in the face of failure, he looked at his boss and said, “i’m looking at the last man that will ever employ me.” He went out and bought a small hardware store outside of town. At that stage anyone starting a business so far out of the main part of town was not considered the sharpest tool in the shed. He is now in his late eighties and over the years has turned his small shop it into a great business. In spite of two well-known hardware chain stores opening up literally at each side of his store; his business is still thriving. By the way, the area right around his business is now considered “the main part of town.”

Are you ready to become successful? It can start today! So what are you waiting for…

Start turning your dreams into reality today!
(Sumber Financial Intellenge)


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